AD600 Series
Economic Model for Home and Office Use
Light and Medium Duty Residential and Commercial Use
Available Temperature
-45°C to 50°C
Model Door weight(KGS) Door width(mm) Mounting Function
Horizontal Vertical

Hold open

Back Check
AD601 0-30 850 125 19 YES YES
AD602 20-45 950 162 19 YES YES
AD603 40-65 1000 188 19 YES YES
Available for 3 different power sizes and could be used on interior or exterior doors
Adjustable closing & latching speed
"1" --- Closing speed adjusting valve,range from 180° to 15°
"2" --- Latching speed adjusting valve,range from 15° to 0°
Construction & Technical Details
Constructed with precise aluminum die-casting body with steel arm against rust.
Heat treated steel rack & pinion immersed in high grade oil operate a nest of coils to give a smooth precise action & minimum wear.
Piston and spindle has been heat treated for high strength.
Model AD601 AD602 AD603
BODY LENGTH (A) 144 177 204
BODY WIDTH (A) 38 42 45
BODY HEIGHT (A) 59 65 70