AD300 Series
European Style Designed
Light and Medium Duty Residential and Commercial Use
Available Temperature
-45°C to 50°C
Model Door weight(KGS) Door width(mm) Mounting
Horizontal Vertical
AD301 0-30 850 202 19
AD302 20-45 950 202 19
AD303 40-65 1000 202 19
Available for 3 different power sizes and could be used on interior or exterior doors
Adjustable closing & latching speed
"1" --- Closing speed adjusting valve,range from 180° to 15°
"2" --- Latching speed adjusting valve,range from 15° to 0°
Construction & Technical Details
Constructed with precise aluminum die-casting body with steel arm against rust.
Heat treated steel rack & pinion immersed in high grade oil operate a nest of coils to give a smooth precise action & minimum wear.
Piston and spindle has been heat treated for high strength.